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Committee and AGM’s:

Every year at our Annual General Meeting the members elect a committee to serve for the following year.

The AGM usually takes place in early May and nominations are requested from the members for the whole of the committee.

Currently the committee & trustee Membership  for 2017-2018 is as follows:


Chairperson                                                         Bernie Lazar

Secretary                                                             David Morrell

Treasurer                                                             Bernie Lazar

Membership Secretary                                        Jean Day

Committee Member                                             Muriel Griffin

Committee Member                                             Jean Farmer

Committee Member                                             Betty Moores

Committee Member                                             Adrian Taylor


The above committee and trustees were appointed at our 2018 AGM held on 29th. May 2018


The Committee meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 1.00pm at MSCA.


The Committee may co-opt suitable individuals if required to assist in the running of the Association.


Members of the Committee also act as Trustees of the Association  in accordance with the Charity Commission Rules as we are a registered Charity No. 250566


The Committee meets in the Hall every month throughout the year on the last Tuesday of the month to discuss Association matters.


The Committtee are responsible for: the day to day running of the Association including member activities, all finance, refreshments, notifying repairs and faults to the building repair team, arranging annual events, welfare matters and membership, and the general well being and comfort of the membership.


The committee members are all volunteers and receive no financial reward other than out of pocket expenses concerning Association activities.


At our AGM a written report describing the previous year is produced and audited written financial information is made available, and the committee reports on past and future Association activities. The membership may scrutinise what has gone before and voice satisfaction or not  and offer their advice concerning changes that may wish to be considered.


The Association has a written Constitution and the Committee may only act in accordance with that Constitution and any changes to the Association must be in accordance with the Constitution and the wishes of the membership.



         As a Member it is YOUR CLUB so have YOUR SAY

                                  in how it is run

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