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About Us:

Our “Club”, a brief history.

Marple Senior Citizens Association was opened in 1967, (click here for more of the story).


The original name was “Marple Old Folks”, but the name was changed to Marple Senior Citizen Association, the members refer to it as the “Club”.


The Association Hall and facilities are located in Marple Memorial Park, (see “Where are we“ plan).


The original building was part funded by Cheshire County Council, Marple Urban District Council and many donations and much fund raising within the Marple Community.


Today this community owned facility is jointly managed and maintained as a partnership by Stockport MBC. and The Marple Senior Citizen Association Committee who are elected every year at our AGM. MSCA is also responsible for “on the spot” day to day management and part fund the maintenance of the building.


The members of the MSCA committee also act as Trustees in accordance with Charity Commission Rules.


We are a registered charity with the Charity Commission and our Charity Number is 250566.


We have facilities for those with disabilities ie ramps and disabled toilets, we are not a Day Centre and anyone with a disability or illness needs to be accompanied with a carer at all times because we are not qualified to carry out “care duties”.


We have made donations to local organisations in the past and many of our own activities are subsidised or funded from Association funds.


SMBC inherited the local authority function in 1974 after local government reorganisation.




Refurbished seating at the

bowling green funded by MSCA

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