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50th. Anniversary Celebration 2017

50th. Anniversary of Marple Senior Citizen Association – a birthday party.


On 30th. September 2017 the building where Marple Senior Citizen Association meets was opened 50 years ago on 30th. September 1967.


The idea of a “Club” for Marple over 60 years old residents was first discussed in the 1950’s by pensioners at that time and The Marple Old Folks Association was then formed with help from the then local branch of Toc H.


The “Old Folks Association “ met in available local Halls and other establishments in Marple at first but then decided to raise the money to construct a permanent home , a “Club House”.


A fund raising Committee was thus formed and approaches made to Cheshire County Council and the then Marple Urban District Council, both of these organisations were very sympathetic to the stated objectives.


Money was to be raised within the Community, and local government that was in place those days would assist with construction and planning permission, a site within Marple Memorial Park was identified and in the 60’s design commenced.


After the required permissions were obtained and finance in position the construction of the building commenced in 1965.


The project was a true Community Project with much money raised within the Community at venues such as the local swimming baths, local halls as well as donations from residents, local bank managers acted as treasurer to the Association, loans were obtained from sympathetic bodies.


Ownership of the resulting building would be split between the Local Authorities concerned and the “Old Folks Association”.

Raising money within the Community was led by Mr. Alex Russell as chairman, assisted by his wife, together with a hard working team of local residents.


The design of the building was very much then as can be seen today, special emphasis was placed on the kitchen area as it was always envisaged to provide meals at some stage and Cheshire C.C. funded all the associated equipment and utensils, however the building was designed to encourage recreation facilities and a meeting place for the older resident to meet safely in a secure environment.


A “club” constitution was agreed and still operates today.


The building was then officially opened on 30th.September 1967, a plaque to mark this is in the foyer of the building entrance. A ceremony was held  with representatives involved and  Mr. and Mrs. Russell declared the building open.


Little is known about those who served on the original Committee and the current Committee would be pleased to receive more information about them and would be very pleased to meet any who survive to this day.


In 1974 Local Government was reorganised and the former role of Cheshire County Council and Marple Urban District Council, the latter no longer in existence, was transferred to Stockport Metropolitan Borough. The day to day management of the “Club” and fund raising still lay with the  Association.


The name of the Association was changed from “Old Folks Association” to Marple Senior  Citizen Association after a Special meeting held with members on 31st. October 1984.


The “Club” is as lively as ever and is in good financial health, much has been provided by the Association at the membership cost and activities reflect their aspirations. The premises are also used or hired by local organisations including those booked through the local authority.


The current committee are organising a “birthday party” on 30th. September 2017, here’s  to another 50 years.


Written by A. P. Taylor 2017


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